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The following articles are provided as an additional resource, both for other clinicians and the public. I hope you find them helpful. And please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you have, (650) 694-7850.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: How Learning About Your Mind Can Help Your Life

Ann and Brian, both in their late 20s, fall in love and are very happy, enjoying their jobs, their friends, and a romantic sex life. After three years of dating, they get engaged and move in together. Soon after, Brian becomes irritable, critical of Ann, and less interested in sex. He knows that he loves Ann and wants to have a life with her and can’t figure out why he is behaving this way. What’s going on? What should he do? …

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You Go First: Why It’s Hard to Start Seeing a Therapist

We all have had personal experience with either being reluctant to go see a therapist ourselves, or living with the frustration involved when someone we love drags his or her feet at the prospect of “getting some help,” as we like to say. What makes it so painfully difficult to reach out for counseling? Bad information is often involved. I’d like to address some widespread myths that get in the way…

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Finding the Right Therapist for You

The process of finding a therapist can be highly anxiety producing. Frequently when people decide they would benefit from seeing a therapist, they are experiencing significant upset in their lives – not the ideal moment to be dealing with the stress involved in finding someone with whom it feels safe and right to be vulnerable. All sorts of people may hold themselves out as competent professionals to assist with emotional and mental issues, but, just as in any field, discrimination is called for. A sweet personality is no guarantee of ethical or effective skills, and a therapist who is just perfect for one person may not be a good fit for the next. One size does not fit all…

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Additional Counseling and Therapy Resources

As an adjunct to the services I provide, I sometimes refer books, articles, online resources, and other professionals to my clients. There is a caveat, however. These recommendations should not be interpreted to mean I am in complete agreement with all aspects of the content or opinions of the resources listed. Nor am I responsible in any way for the content of these resources or the practices of other professionals.

The following isn't meant to be a comprehensive list. Many additional resources could be listed and I will continue adding more over the course of time. These are some favorites, however, and ones that have been helpful to my clients and others seeking help. I encourage you to do your own search and trust what speaks to you.

The following resources are organized into categories and I've tried to include a diversity of resources under each topic. If you have any questions about any of the following resources, please feel free to contact me at (650) 694-7850.

Addiction Recovery Resources

Anxiety & Panic Attack Disorders Resources

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Divorce Resources

Domestic Violence Resources

Eating Disorders Resources

Elder Care Resources

General Mental Health Information

GLBTQ Resources

Grief & Loss Resources

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Resources

Parenting Resources

Professional Therapy Associations

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Santa Clara County — Therapy Resources

Therapist Locator Resources

Trauma Resources

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